Structuring New paradigms

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Structuring New paradigms Empty Structuring New paradigms

Post  Mayflow on Thu May 12, 2011 12:35 am

Kriswest said something somewhere on this forum that seemed to me to mean she is in favor or some sort of paradigm shift.

The forum overall seems based on how to create a new Governing body (read "control" body) and I don't think that control can fly with any free thinker.

If one is not free to think for oneself and wishes to be controlled by the outside influence, that is simply abdigation of personal duty to ones self. As the Shakespeare dude said "To thine own self be True"

Now, Jesus may have said to Love others as you love yourself.... but this of course means that if you don't love yourself and you don't believe within, your love for others is of really no benefit to anyone, and it would seem a pity for love to be wasted like that.

Jesus was no Governor, He didn't want to be, but He became my Brother, as He did to any, but this is not possible to do by wanting to govern or be governed. Henry, I think you and thedoc already know this, and Kris, this is why I think we need a new paradigm.

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